Quartz That Looks Like Marble

Quartz that looks like marble
Quartz that looks like marble

white quartz is the ideal countertop material for those seeking aesthetic marble but with superior strength. Calacatta quartz countertops have a realistic natural marble design, easy care and maintenance. This elegant white quartz with its thin or thick gray veins is ideal for a variety of design styles from traditional to modern. Use this Quartz to create beautiful countertops, floors, accent walls, and more. Calacatta white quartz can be a more fashionable stone for kitchen countertops, it is important to recognize that in a sense, quartz is a much more practical kitchen countertop for everyday use. Quartz is not porous and will not easily stain. Quartz is scratch-resistant and can handle abusive hard kitchen workers. Again there are so many quartz companies and each one is different from the other, so always best to ask a professional what they like.

White Quartz Slabs for Kitchen Countertop

Statuario Extra White HO-LEVY1
White quartz countertops with grey veins EV
Calacatta Gold White Quartz Slabs AN
White Quartz for Countertops OH-VL2
White Quartz for Countertops OH6