Recognition-Memorial Wall in a Synagogue and Churches

Memorial Wall in a Synagogue and Churches

Recognition & Memorial Wall in a Synagogue and Churches

In addition, you can enjoy special lighting solutions that allow you to create illuminated memory panels for Chapels. Before you go ahead and order the Chapel’s commemorative plaques, we recommend that you take the help of the Internet and be exposed to the different and varied design styles of the Chapel’s commemorative plaques. We also recommend that you be exposed to the cutting and milling work of Levy’s Marble which specializes in performing all the stonework for Chapels, including commemorative plaques and memory from any possible raw material.


In each chapel, there is a marble stone wall dedicated to placing a memorial plaque whose purpose is to commemorate the loved ones of the worshipers. The most popular is the Jerusalem stone but with today’s technology, almost any natural stone can be used. 


It is a long-standing tradition that gives a place of honor and appreciation to both the deceased and the loved ones of the deceased. Seeing the name of a loved one who has gone, occupies a respectable place within a shrine, brings a certain delight to many people, and is a way to commemorate what is dear to them.


Whether it is religious or secular people, old or young, we all share the great sadness of losing a loved one to us. And here tradition gives us an opening and an opportunity to be active in a way that will not only perpetuate the deceased but also strengthen our life. 


If you are interested in a Marble stone wall dedicated to your loved one or any stonework in the Chapel please contact our office and one of us will be more than happy to help you out. 




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