Granite Countertops NYC

Granite Countertops NYC

Kitchen Countertop Materials NYC

Granite for the kitchen in NYC

Granite for the kitchen in NYC is the type of stone sought after. Unlike other types of stone and other surfaces, this is a completely natural stone carved from the depths of the earth and comes in a huge variety of colors and textures.

Granite stone – by being natural and so created in volcanic processes, brings with it unique benefits that combine a unique look alongside unparalleled functionality in the kitchen.

If you are interested in natural marble for such a kitchen that will bring with it a uniqueness that you will not see anywhere else, spectacular views and the highest durability – you should know the granite.

Best Granite Countertops in NYC
Best Granite Countertops in NYC

Kitchen granite is one of the most sought-after products by many tens of Americans its toughness, long-lasting durability, minimal care, and beauty, put the granite up the list of stone surfaces for the sought-after kitchen in NYC and America.

Granite is formed as mentioned in volcanic processes, at very high pressures – making it very resistant to heat (what is it already boiling water compared to the lava in the depths of the earth ..?) And as one of the compressed materials – which contributes to its extraordinary strength – perhaps the strongest of all the stone surfaces accepted today. For those of us who are interested in the technical specifications, granite for the kitchen is composed of minerals and Quartz stone at varying concentrations, and accordingly, the color and appearance are determined.

In addition, unlike Quartz stone the hardness of the granite makes it almost completely scratch-resistant, allowing you to cut everything – from vegetables to meat, directly on the marble without the need for cutting.

Quartz vs Granite Heat Resistance

Not like Quartz stone, you can place hot pots on the granite, directly and without concern, without having to use different types of saucers.

Another important thing to know before buying a kitchen marble – is that granite is a stone that contains very few tiny pores (unlike other marble countertops) and therefore does not absorb stains – which contributes significantly to the granite’s durability and appearance over many years.

Granite comes in a huge variety of shades – from bright (white-gray) to completely black.

The granite is carved from the depths of the earth in countries such as Spain, Italy, and even Japan. Because granite is a naturally occurring material as a result of processes occurring in nature, each granite slab is different from one other – which means that if you are looking for a unique granite for the kitchen – one that cannot be found anywhere else granite is the best choice because even granite slabs carved in the same place, They will differ in color and texture.

Granite Slabs

The granite slabs are imported after careful examination with emphasis on the quality of the granite, structure, color and more. Furthermore, there are cases where a layer of sealant material is used to seal the tiny pores in the granite and thus provide a product that is resistant to various types of stains (the stain is formed due to adsorption of materials inside the pores). However, it is worth remembering that even without the special treatment, because granite has very few pores relative to any other type of stone, even without the special treatment we mentioned, the granite is quite stain resistant.

granite countertops brooklyn
Granite countertops brooklyn

Granite kitchen benefits

If you’ve read the description written so far, you probably understand why granite is the preferred choice of many. However, if you have verified everything that has been said so far, the following points can be summarized:

Granite is the strongest material and is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.

The high heat resistance allows you to place hot pots without the need for additional saucers and aids (great for those who love the minimalist look).

Vegetables and meat can be cut directly on the granite without the need for a cutting board.

The unique look you won’t find in any other home – each has its own unique granite surface.

A huge variety of colors and shades.

Cons of Granite

Granite for the kitchen is the most expensive – which can be tricky once you consider the cost-benefit ratio – all the more so when it comes to a large kitchen.

There is no arguing about taste and smell and when it comes to granite, you can find the great devotees alongside those who dislike appearance and who prefer other cheap (but quite high-quality) Quartz stone alternatives.

If you look at the functional aspect, granite gives you the maximum. Its durability and strength make it the best choice in active kitchens. If you’re a cook who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s hard for me to think of a stone better than granite.

Best Granite Countertops images NYC

Granite Countertops in New York NY Granite Countertops in New York NY
Granite Countertops NYCGranite Countertop NYC
Granite Kitchen Countertop NYC Granite Kitchen Countertop NYC

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