Carrara Marble Countertops

Carrara Marble Countertops

What is Carrara?

Carrara marble is a marble stone used for cladding, flooring and work surfaces in the kitchen. The stone originates from an Italian city called Massa Carrara, which lies in the well-known Tuscany region. Carrara marble is considered to be a very high quality marble and exported from the mines operating in the region to the entire world. The marble usually comes in a light white /grey with natural decorations that look like brush strokes and fractures in light gray, dark gray and black. Carrara marble is very suitable for modern designs in which extreme shades can be identified as black, white and fits the rustic design style that more closely connects to the earth and nature colors.

Precious and high quality marble

As mentioned, Carrara marble is a quality marble that has made itself a name all over the world. It is the most known marble around. The marble is exported from the city of Massa Carrara to all over the world and serves as a design item in countless luxury homes around the world. When using in kitchen, one should be gentler.

What to know when choosing a marble to raise value in your home?

When choosing a home you must first decide what value the marble will contribute to your home space and whether it is the type of stone that is best for you. For example, you may very well be taking all of your home design to the modern design style, or the countryside and nature, in which case having a Carrara can be a great fit.

In any case, choosing a Carrara marble price can vary between the different places that offer the marble and the different models that exist within the Carrara marble category. Some have grey veining and grey background some are more white background and lighter veining. These models differ in the finish and processing level of the stone, and overall the quality of the specific stone. As with almost any product. In the same marble block that has been mined from the ground, there may be stones whose texture is more uniform compared to others. Within the same block of marble, there may be stones cut from the same block, whose structural strength is higher than others. This means that even within the overall category of Carrara marble price can vary depending on the specific type of lot you buy.

White Carrara Marble Slab

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