Bathroom Remodel and Design in NYC

Bathroom Remodel and Design in NYC – Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling NYC
With a steady income of ideas from social media, friends, and trends, it has become easy for us to envision how we want our dream bathroom to look. Reality shows us, that acquiring your perfect bathroom isn’t a simple task, in fact, it isn’t cheap at all to remodel. Take a look at the overall averages based on NYC remodels in 2018, according to Remodeling‘s Cost vs. Value Report. These costs end up being higher for NYC than the national average*.

Mid-range renovation: $28,106

Upscale renovation: $84,704

*National averages were $20,420 for a mid-range bathroom renovation and $64,743 for an upscale renovation.

There are a few key factors to be able to renovate your bathroom and still be able to save money. We will show how to redesign your bathroom even if you’re on a budget.

3 Aspects of Budget Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling nyc
Bathroom remodeling NYC

● Individual Elements: Beware of this. While it can be tempting to apply à la carte prices to individual elements of the work, a right way to renovate your bathroom starts with the process of design, materials, installation, and plumbing. It’s a multi-staged task and has to be dealt with patience. With renovation takes careful planning, but if you want to cut on the prices, it’s better off to remodel the whole bathroom at once.  A gut renovation allows you to plan more broadly, so you can get more done, in the right sequence, and more cost-effectively.


● Leave the plumbing: At first, it may seem like a great idea to renovate your bathroom design, but if you’re not willing to part with $5,000 each time you move plumbing fixtures, you might want to keep your existing fixtures in place.

● Renew your tub: Instead of buying a new tub, consider OPTing for renewing. An old tub or shower will definitely show signs of aging eventually, but it can fixed by a professional. Renew your tub allows you to save on the money and still get a tub that looks just as new.

How much does it really cost

Low to high-end costs for bathroom materials and finishes vary. Take a look at the range of pricing for various fixtures, materials, and finishes in the chart below. The chart will show you exactly how much it costs for low-end materials – items found in Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ikea- and high-end materials -customized, handmade or imported items-.


●  Wall and floor tile: Low-end – $3 per square foot ([Per Square Feet), Mid-range – $15 Per Square Feet, High-end – $35 Per Square Feet

● Sink: Low-end – $50, Mid-range – $150, High-end – $500 and up

●  Vanity: Low-end – $250, Mid-range –  $1,000, High-end – $2,000 and up

● Sink and shower fixtures: Low-end – $40/fixture, Mid-range – $100/fixture, High-end – $350/fixture.

●    Bathtub: Low-end – $150, Mid-range – $600, High-end – $2,000 – $3,000.

●   Shower enclosure: Low-end – $350, Mid-range –  $1,000, High-end – $2,000.

●   Toilet: Low-end – $150, Mid-range – $400, High-end – $1,000 and up

●   Medicine cabinet: Low-end – $50, Mid-range – $150, High-end – $500 and up.

●   Accessories (hooks, towel bar, paper towel holder): Low-end – $10/item, Mid-range – $50/item, High-end – $100  and up

●   Lighting: Low-end – $25/fixture, Mid-range – $150/fixture, High-end – $300 and up.

●   Ceiling vent: Low-end – $50, Mid-range – $200, High-end – $500 and up

●   Radiant floor heating: Low-end – $6 Per Square Feet, Mid-range – $8 Per Square Feet, High-end – $12 Per Square Feet.

Bathroom renovation brooklyn
Bathroom renovation Brooklyn

Bathrooms Designs in NYC

Bathrooms designs in NYC is a buzz that never stops. With countless ideas flooded on the internet, we want to show you the trends that you can today apply to your own restroom. Here are a few examples:

●   Pendant Lights: Yes you read correctly. Pendant lights aren’t just for your kitchen, but they can also be used as lighting in your bathroom. Adding pendant lighting to bathroom design is a creative solution to a problem that actually comes down to aesthetics. These Pendants can light up the room with ease.

●   Oversized Sinks: If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, then this is something you should really consider. The deeper sink and large size will keep water from splashing on your countertop. Furthermore, these sinks can be remodeled in many ways, giving you the option to seek out your creative side in you.

●   Bold Flooring: If you want your restroom to have a bit of a flare then this is definitely the way to go. The classic black and white are still popular today. Giving you bold-pop design that will make your restroom look like a piece from heaven.

bathroom renovation contractor nyc
Bathroom renovation contractor NYC


High-End Bathroom designs we recommend

Marble often comes to life in our kitchen as a form of a countertop, but this material can also be used for your bathroom. If you’re striving for a high-end design then marble is the way to go. It’s an excellent, classic choice for almost any style of bathroom, and if your budget allows for it, it’s honestly hard to go wrong when using Marble in your space. Furthermore, using Marble as your design can raise your house value, making this a smart investment for the future.













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