Quartz Stone Countertops

Quartz Stone

Quartz (Engineered stone)

Quartz are artificial stones, which consists of 93% natural quartz. This rock belongs to the diamond the hardest materials, the Mother Nature has created. The quartz is accompanied by a mixture of resin and dyes. Possibly this mixture is enriched with small glass or mirror pieces so beautiful or noble effects are still achieved. Plates are then produced using a patented process that retain the hardness and crystal-like radiance of quartz and have features that surpass all other materials.  Quartz products are made of real stone also, but in combination with man made products, so you get the hardness and beauty of real stone, with the consistency and durability of man made products (kind of the best of both worlds). The material is suitable for Kitchen bathroom and office furniture, floors, stairs, window sills, tables and other interiors.


A choice of luxury Kitchen Countertop Materials.

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